30 Day stateline Challenge

Across Arizona 2022

OCTOBER 11 – NOVEMBER 10, 2022



Welcome to the 30 Day Stateline Challenge. This challenge was created as a personal endeavor to dedicate 30 days towards becoming stronger physically, mentally, spiritually, and towards making a HUGE impact in the lives of others.

For 30 days,  you will have the opportunity to challenge yourself to run, walk, or crawl as far and as long as possible. 

THE CHALLENGE: Cover as many indoor or outdoor miles within a 30 day period using foot power. Simple…but not easy 🙂

Why do it? Because its very achievable for most people committed to living a better life and very challenging for those who want to push themselves to greater levels of personal discipline and higher satisfaction. There is no timeclock, no required location to show up, or no one to tell you what you can or can’t do. It’s you against you…the best way to compete against yourself.


We call it leveraging internal and external accountability. By making a commitment to something greater than yourself you’re able to create a greater “WHY” which leads to a better you and a bigger impact. At HAU Gear our initiative is that of equipping women of all ages, living as villagers in remote parts of Nepal, with the vocational skills necessary to bring economic hope to themselves, their families, and their community. We run to change our life and in the process change the lives of others. To learn more about our initiative in Nepal CLICK HERE


Our goal from this 30 day challenge is to raise $30,000 to support sewing clinics throughout the Ruby Valley region of Nepal for 2023. The aim is to empower young ladies in each village throughout the region with the skills, tools, and confidence to sew items for the local schools within those communities. 100% of your donation and support goes towards that initiative in Nepal. Click Here to see some of our past student graduates.


There are no limit to how many miles you can run or walk in a day. Even running 30 miles total during the 30 day challenge would be a super awesome achievement. You choose the location to run and the time of day. Yes, you can run streets or trails…or even indoors. No, you can’t have someone else run for you. That’s a naughty thing to do. We also call it cheating…on yourself. There is no limit to how many people can sponsor you. 100% of all the proceeds go to our HAUGEAR nonprofit foundation to help create sustainable vocational education for the villagers in Nepal (Check out our clinics) You do not need to be sponsored to run. This is a totally FREE event…but it would be awesome if others wanted to support you and sponsor the initiative 🙂 Can you run and raise awareness and support for another cause? Absolutely! Simply let us know which nonprofit you would like to promote and we’ll reach out to them to let them know you want to raise support for them. That way you can have people and corporations make a pledge for each run you complete and have that pledge benefit your nonprofit.

Graduating Sewing Students
Ruby Valley Students from surrounding villages
Sewing Bag Distribution
East meets West 🙂
An unexpected reception
Delivering Sewing Supplies
Leg Power in Overdrive
The Power of One
Outdoor Training Session
Creating International Hope
Embracing the Suck
...with a smile 🙂
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We are so thankful for our partnership with Alpine Ramble Trekking. Without their support and leadership our work in Nepal would not be possible. If you are looking for a trek of a lifetime please visit their site and book one of their amazing treks throughout the most amazing destinations in the world. Take their Ruby Valley Discovery Trek and see where our mission began.

Current sewing outreach Projects

We are so proud of the work the Alpine Ramble Team is doing to provide continued sewing education to the students in Ruby Valley. Currently they are learning how to make shoulder bags to be distributed this Christmas to children in the villages. We are hoping that in the near future we can open a retail store in Thamel (the trekking capital of the world) to showcase the products being made in the villages and thereby help the students create sustainable income for themselves and their families.


Life can be challenging. Often we might find ourselves being challenged by things we feel we cannot control. We get that! The Stateline Challenge has been designed to empower us with the faith and hope necessary to develop better ways of learning how we might respond to the daily challenges we face in life. Simply put, its a goal of crossing every state within the United States on foot. Whether you choose to go east to west, west to east, north to south, or south to north, we know that any direction is a direction towards forward movement. This year, during our 30 Day Challenge to bring awareness to our ministry in Nepal, we are working on seeing how far we can run, walk, or crawl across the state of Arizona from north to south. Here is our Journey!


On October 11th we began our journey on foot across Arizona, starting at the Utah/Arizona Terminus, via the Arizona Scenic National Trail. Using trail systems, forest roads, and highways, we have been moving towards getting to the Mexican border travelling through Arizona. And in the process we are hoping to bring more awareness to the work we are doing in Nepal…helping to create sustainable hope through sewing and development in remote regions of the Ruby Valley District in Nepal. To learn more, click here.

Updates of our current progress and route selections


542.9 total miles — 23.6 miles per day average — 23 Days on foot — 7 Days in recovery

Stage 1

Day 1: Evening start – AZT; 5.7 miles

Day 2: AZT; 25 miles

Day 3: Hwy 67; 26 miles

Day 4: 5 miles on Hwy 67; 16.6 miles on AZT; 21.6 miles

Day 5: M99.4 to Cottonwood CG to South Kaibab to Mather CG; 16.2 miles

Day 6: M99.4 to Tusayan to M115.9; 16 miles

Day 7: M115.9 – M148.2; 30 miles

Day 8: M148.2 to M162.8 to Hwy 180 S to flag; 30.6 miles

Day 9: 180 S to Flagstaff: 19 miles


Summary: 190 subtotal miles; 21.12 miles per day average

Stage 2

Day 10: Flag UT M4.1 to Canyon Vista CG; 6 miles

Day 11: CVCG via Lake Mary Rd to Mormon Lake; 26 miles

Day 12: Mormon Lake via LMR to Jack’s Place to Mustang Gas Station; 27 miles

Day 13: JP via 87 (S) to Pine/Control rd; 25 miles

Day 14: Pine (87) to Payson (260) to Rye country store to 260/188 rest area; 29 miles

Day 15: 87 S to 188 S to Roosevelt Lake Beach; 25 miles

Day 16: 188 S to Roosevelt Lake Marina to Spring Creek store; 18 miles


Summary: 156 subtotal miles; 22.28 miles per day average

Stage 3

Day 17: 188 to 60 to Globe; 25 miles

Day 18: 70 to 77 to Winkleman; 36 miles

Day 19: 77 passed Mammoth towards Oracle; 26 miles

Day 20: 77 to Catalina Inn; 21 miles

Day 21: 77 to Quality Inn Tucson Airport; 28 miles

Day 22: Nogales Hwy to Canoa Rest Area; 29 miles

Day 23: Freeway 19 to Nogales US/Mexico Border: 33.8 miles

AZ Stateline Challenge Complete

Summary: 196.8 subtotal miles; 28.11 miles per day average

Note: google map coordinates are approximates as mapping would allow. Mileage indicated for each stage is accurate as travelled.

***VIEW GEAR LIST CLICK HERE*** / Download the AZT App on your phone to get info on the trail, water sources, gateway communties, trailheads, and more. To reach us directly send an email at [email protected]

About the Arizona National Scenic Trail

The Arizona National Scenic Trail stretches 800 miles across the entire length of the state to connect deserts, mountains, forests, canyons, wilderness, history, communities and people. This non-motorized trail showcases Arizona’s diverse vegetation, wildlife and scenery, as well as unique historic and cultural sites. The route provides unparalleled opportunities for hikers, mountain bikers, equestrians and other trail users.

Starting at the U.S.-Mexico border, the path climbs and descends from one “sky island” mountain range to another, gaining and losing thousands of feet in elevation and traversing biomes ranging from desert to boreal forest. Continuing across the Sonoran Desert, the route crosses the Gila River, winds through the Superstition Mountains and the Mazatzal Wilderness on its way to the Mogollon Rim and majestic San Francisco Peaks. The trail north takes travelers across the Grand Canyon through billions of years of geology. Topping out on the North Rim, conifer forests dominate the Kaibab Plateau, eventually giving way to red bluffs dotted with sagebrush as the trail nears the Utah border on the edge of the Vermilion Cliffs National Monument. It is the backbone of Arizona.

Whether you hike, run, pedal or ride, the adventure of a lifetime is waiting for you on the Arizona Trail.

View this map and more on www.aztrail.org

AZT ExClusiVE TRAIL Itinerary

Legend: W (water source); N1 (night); TH (trailhead); T1 (resupply bag); * (access to resources)

D1 – 26.9m

0 / 43 Utah Terminus

26.9 / 41 Jacob Lake Inn* – W N1

D2 – 27.5m

43.4 / 41 W

54.4 / 40 N Rim store* N2

D3 – 35.4m

76.1 / 38 GC Lodge North* W

89.8 / 38 Phantom Rnch* W N3

D4 – 29.4m

98.6 / 37 GC Visitor Center* W

105.3 / 37 Tusayan Gen Store* W T1

119.2 / 36 Grandview W N4

D5 – 35.7m

137.1 / 36 Monique Stage Stn

154.9 / 35 Rd Junction N5

D6 – 32.7m 

162 / 34 Cedar Ranch Jct PW T2

164.4 / 34 Cedar Ranch W

177.3 / 34 Kelly Tank W

180.6 / 34 FR 418

187.6 / 34 Aspen Corner W N6

D7 – 26.2m

192.3 / 34 Snowbowl Rd PW

196.8 / Flag Urban Trl Jct* (15 miles)

226.8 / 31 Sandy Canyon Trl N7 T3

D8 – 27.1m

244.6 / 30 Pine Grove CG W N8

253.9 / 29 Double Springs CG W N8

D9 – 33.8m

258.3 / 29 Mormon Lake* Jct W

274.8 / 28 Bargaman Tank W

287.7 / 28 Homestead Tank W

D10 – 36.3m

287.7 / 28 Homestead Tank W

295.4 / 27 TH Resupply PW T4

296.6 / 27 Blue Ridge CG W

309.1 / 27 Gen Springs Cyn W

310.1 / 27 Gen Sprgs TH W N10

D11 – 28.4m

312.6 / 26 Washtng Pk TH W

322.6 / 26 Webber Crk TH W

331.8 / 25 Exit to Pine* (1m) W 

333 / 25 Bradshaw Tank W 

335 / 25 Oak Sprg Trail W

338.5 / 25  Bee Tree Tank W N11

D12 – 30.3m

347.9 / 25 Tank W

351.6 / 25 East Verde River W

368.8 / 23 Hoping Spring W N12

D13 – 35.9m

398 / 22 Wash W

398.5 / 22 Forest Rd 393

402.7 / 22 Hwy 87 Intersection T5

404.7 / 21 Sycamore Crk W N13

D14 – 30.2m

413.4 / 21 Little Pine Flat W

423.3 / 20 Bear Spring W

424.2 / 20 Shake Spring W

434.9 / 20 Mills Ridge TH N14

D15 – 28.1m

443.8 / 19 Roosevelt Marina* W

448.7 / 19 Cottonwood Sprgs W

458.8 / 19 Walnut Sprg W

463 / 19 Reavis Ranch W N15

D16 – 35.7m

477.3 / 18 Reavis Cyn #509 TH W

487.2 / 18 Picketpost TH PW T6

(2.8m from town of Superior)*

498.7 / 16 Rainwater Spigot W N16

D17 – 34.6m

508.1 / 16 Leave River W

510.9 / 16 Gila River W

523.9 / 15 Gila River TH W 

525.9 / 15 Florence-Kelvin TH W

533.3 / 15 Ripsey Wash Spring W N17

D18 – 33.2m

539.7 / 15 Wildlife Tank W

551.2 / 15 Freeman Rd TH W

559.4 / 14 Beehive Well W

566.5 / 14 Mnt View Tank W N18

D19 – 34.2m

578.3 / 14 Tiger Mine TH resupply box

579.8 / 13 Hwy 77 resupply PW T7- (N of 77)

(2.6m to town of Oracle)*

586.7 / 12 American Flag TH W?

588.4 / High Jinks Ranch* W Shower

590.1 / 12 Tank W

600.7 / 12 Mount Lemon Visitor Center Town* W N19

D20 – 32.5m

605.6 / 11 Lemmon Creek W

613.6 / 11 Hutch’s Pool W

615.1 / 11 Sabino Canyon W

622.9 Molino Basin TH resupply

633.2 / 9 Redington Pass TH N20 T8

D21 – 30.6m

641.8 / 9 Italian Spring W

644.6 / 9 Chimenea Creek W

648.6 / 9 Grass Shack CG W

654.5 / 9 Creek W

657.4 / 8 Rincon Creek W

663.8 / 8 La Selvilla Picnic Area W N21 – (colossal cave mtn park 1m)*

D22 – 32.6m

666.2 / 8 La Posta Ranch* W

670.3 / 8 Cienega Creek W

676.6 / 7 Sahuarita Rd TH R PW

682.9 / 7 Twin Tanks W

696 / 6 Cattle Trough W N22 T9

D23 – 28.2

706 / 5 Kentucky Camp W

709.7 / 5 Gardner Canyon Rd W?

712.8 / 4 Tunnel Creek TH W

716 / 4 Casa Blana Cyn W

724.6 / 4 Temporal Gulch TH W N23

D24 – 33.4m

729 / 4 Ccc Lakes W

736.3 / 3 Hwy 82 T10

(Patagonia 4m)*

746.6 / 3 Gate Spring W

747.2 / 3 Red Bank Well W

750.5 / 3 Down Under Tank W

758 / 2 Middle Canyon Tank W N24

D25 – 33.3m

765.2 / 2 Parker Canyon W

772.9 / 1 Cement Water Trough W

780 / 1 Bathtub Spring W

786.1 / 1 Montezuma Pass TH

787.9 / 1 Mexico Border

791.3 / 3.4 miles to Coronado National Memorial